Bob Tursack

Bob Tursack CEO of Brilliant

Bob Tursack founded Brilliant in 2000, and has worked in printing and business his entire life. Since training on a small press at the age of 12, Bob has worked in every department and has studied at RIT, GATF, the Heidelberg School in Germany, and is a member of the Soderstrom Society. A second-generation printer, he successfully managed the sale of Tursack Printing in 1998 and has consulted with other companies.

Bob has a passion and energy for helping customers achieve success in business—especially in print. He finds enjoyment and inspiration in speaking with photographers, painters, designers, and especially other leaders in their respective business disciplines.

A photographer himself, Bob has studied with Fred Picker, and at the Maine Photographic Workshops. Bob is also interested in Aviation, and enjoys reading about art, business and government icons. His favorite author is Eli Goldratt.