Kevin Morris

Kevin Morris Director of Operations

Working with Bob Tursack and Harold Hepler since the early 1980s, Kevin Morris signed on with Brilliant when we first opened our doors. Kevin has been involved with printing since Jr. High School, and he has developed deep relationships with Heidelberg and our ink and chemical companies. His years of experience enable him to provide answers to common, and not-so-common problems.

Kevin likes the challenge of doing things that people say can't be done. When we run up against technical obstacles, he stays focused and works through the problem. He can look at a job in planning when it is still just a concept, and visualize what the job will look like as it goes through the production process. Many times he can fix issues before they even occur.

When a job is running, and everything is in balance, and the customer is really happy, then Kevin is happy. He finds inspiration in the blending of old and new technologies, especially in the pressroom. A lover of anything mechanical, Kevin has dabbled in large format photography and enjoys working on his vintage cars.