Simply put, we love working with photographers.

We believe in the art form and have a number of working photographers on staff. Brilliant CEO, Bob Tursack and our Director of Special Projects, Peter Philbin have collectively spent thousands of hours in a wet darkroom through our years in photography, and began working in Photoshop when it was first introduced. We love the process of putting an image on paper and have a constant urge to learn, experiment and test all forms of scanning, image capture, and the manipulation of files to maximum fulfillment of the photographer’s intent. We have drum scanners, flatbed scanners, copy stands with medium format digital backs. We scan and capture from prints, negatives, transparencies, vintage glass negs, cyanotypes, solargrams, you name it, we work with it. And, most importantly, we know we are not simply dealing with pixels and technical prowess….we know we are working with a piece of the photographer’s soul in each image. We work with photographers to understand their vision for their images – and then we do what it takes to ensure complete and total success. Be it a book, a portfolio, marketing materials, or exhibition prints, we will never, ever let a project fail. Ever.