How Brilliant Built an Architectural Puzzle

August 12, 2020

Brilliant was recently tasked with creating a 20-piece architectural puzzle and box for And Partners and Landsea Homes. This unique project includes photos of Landsea’s new condominium complex located in Manhattan, laminated and die cut on heavy board. This project offers a most distinctive presentation of the client’s construction project.


  • Edition of 1,100.
  • Cards: 70lb coated text mounted to 60pt board.
  • Box: 19.9pt Iggesund Invercote (superb printing surface!)
  • Die cut cards collated with a cover sheet and brochure.
  • 20 cards per set – 7” x 11” finished size.
  • foil stamped, accordion folded brochure on Neenah paper.

Bob Tursack

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