A Faithful Reproduction for Photographer Elliott Kaufman

January 31, 2019

Photographer Elliott Kaufman was asked by a luxury brand client to reissue his 1979 book, American Diner, as a special edition. Since the original book was published long before the digital age, the images were rescanned from original 35 mm negatives and retouched by our expert team to bring a new fullness of vibrancy and fidelity.

Printed digitally on our HP Indigo 12000 in full color + duotones, and on Mohawk Everyday uncoated sheets, the finished American Diner pays great homage to Elliott’s original publication. See more of Elliott’s work at www.ekaufmanfineart.com.


  • Edition of 65.
  • Finished size 10.5" x 9".
  • 92 pages plus hard cover and dust jacket.
  • Features matte film lamination on dust jacket.
  • Reissue of a 1979 original publication.
  • Case bound.
Bob Tursack

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