Using texture and subtleties in Fine Graphic Design

January 12, 2022

The US Naval Institute needed an invitation package for a special event. C&G Partners of NYC was awarded the business, and contributed their consistently smart strategy and design approach to create a memorable production.

The finished package uses four different papers with varying levels of texture. The invitation card was constructed with three of the papers, mounted together to make a substantive presentation that begs to be kept on one’s desk.

Holographic foil stamping was employed on the cover – and all of the individual pieces were tied together with the application of edge painting. The edge painting coordinates the package, and makes everything look choreographed.

Inks: CMYK, PMS 289, PMS 877. Papers: Carnival Stellar White Linen, Stardream Silver, Curious Skin Dark Blue, Cougar Opaque Smooth. Foils: clear foil, and Light Line laser holographic foil.

Bob Tursack

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