Coffee, Cameras & Conversations with Mark de Paola, Bob Tursack and John Kreidler

December 28, 2020

Brilliant Graphics is publishing Mark de Paola’s new limited edition 402 page monograph Five Years and Sixty Seconds which encapsulates the entirety of Mark de Paola’s fine art work from 2015-2020 including his fine art series 60 Seconds, Art of Backstage, Recent Work, Ema, You, and brand new work titled Pearling and Provini. 

Here, Mark and Bob discussed curating a large body of work into a photographic monograph, from choosing the elements that make a successful photography book design, to working with the team members and relationships that are critical to maintaining the integrity of the bookmaking process, and utilizing a monograph as a way to develop relationships with prestigious galleries and institutions. 

The 402 page Five Years and Sixty Seconds monograph is hardbound with leather spine, cloth covers, and gold title inlay. The monograph is punctuated with ochre title pages with de Paola’s internal narrative and inspiration written to introduce each section. At the heart of the monograph is de Paola’s 60 Seconds series, the work that sparked his fine art journey shot entirely with handheld 60 second exposures. To complete the entire monograph, de Paola offers a detailed index with location, date, and collaborator information for each image.

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