A Production for TSX Broadway

October 25, 2018

TSX Broadway, the first and only permanent stage in Times Square, wanted to create a book to match the distinction of their coming presence in New York City. With our HP Indigo 12000 digital press and multiple high-quality enhancements throughout, we did just that.

We produced three different versions of this impressive brochure, all designed by QuallsBenson. Each featured film lamination on the cover, three unique foil colors and spot gloss Scodix throughout. The final production translates the prestige of the TSX stage to print.


  • Three different versions, 100 per lot.
  • Finished size 9x13”.
  • Designed by QuallsBenson.
  • PUR bound.
  • Cover printed on 120# Opus Dull Cover.
  • Text pages printed on 80# Opus Dull Cover.
  • Lot 1: 28 pages plus cover.
  • Lot 2: 26 pages plus cover.
  • Lot 3: 22 pages plus cover.
  • Features film lamination, three foil colors and spot gloss Scodix.
  • Printed on our HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press.
Bob Tursack

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