To all Brilliant customers, vendors and associates

March 20, 2020

We have received many calls about Pennsylvania Governor Wolf’s recent announcement that all non-life-essential Pennsylvania businesses be closed of 8:00pm March 19. Brilliant supplies products to the health and pharma industries. Additionally, we fall under other categories such as industrial manufacturing, storage, warehousing and distribution. We will continue to operate under the these criteria as well as fitting within the “Publishing” and “Converted Paper” headings.

We continue to take all necessary health precautions, as well as having all possible staff working from home. Only essential manufacturing and support staff will be onsite. And, we will continue with careful navigation of daily changes and directives as they occur.

Challenges like this are unprecedented – but the foundational qualities of commonsense, smart work, and an undying commitment to “work the problem” will carry us through the fog.

With very best regards and appreciation to all,

Bob Tursack

Bob Tursack

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