Yelena Strokin: Glimpse Through the Flemish Window

April 20, 2018

Brilliant’s collaboration with photographer Yelena Strokin did not disappoint. Yelena’s latest 8-page brochure was printed on our HP Indigo 12000 digital press, and foil stamped, debossed and sewn in house.

Each image tells its own powerful story of Yelena’s journey as an artist. Her vibrant and expressive photographs have been featured in publications across the United States, Germany and Italy.


  • Edition of 250
  • 8 pages plus cover.
  • Printed on our HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press.
  • Finished size 5” x 7”.
  • Printed in full CMYK.
  • Singer sewn, embossed and foil stamped.
  • Text pages printed on 100# McCoy Silk Text.
  • Cover printed on 100# Pewter Classic Crest Smooth Cover.
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My heart lies in the art of photographing still life.

-Yelena Strokin

Bob Tursack

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