A Closer Look at Brook Isle

March 16, 2021

Brook Isle is a locally-based home decor company that offers quality craftsmanship through a unique variety of original vintage-inspired illustrations. After several years of working directly with the artist, Brilliant had the opportunity to showcase her original artwork through this collection of interior designs.

Each piece is carefully illustrated then printed on Brilliant’s HP Indigo 12000 digital press using uncoated papers, showing the seamless adaptability of the designs from one component to another. The distinctive texture of the Mohawk Bright White VIA Felt paper has allowed the company’s branding to excel as it captures the style of the original illustrations perfectly. The promotional booklet also gives a stylistic overview of the products available for purchase. From bookmarks and note cards to paper placemats and posters, each component holds multiple options for your home décor needs.

To learn more about Brook Isle visit www.brookisleco.com.

Bob Tursack

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