A Conversation with DEAR DAVE,

November 13, 2020

Stephen Frailey was about a third of the way through his 20-year post as Chair of the prestigious Photography Department at New York’s School of Visual Arts when he was really into magazines and the germ of an idea formed. At the time, in 2007, there were two magazines that were significantly forming the conversation of photography in the United States: Aperture and Blind Spot.

“I saw an opportunity. There was a place for another magazine, one that covered the photography practice in a plural way, all disciplines, and how they converse with one another, to see the medium in its breadth instead of isolated,“ said Frailey in a phone call with Brilliant recently.

As an academic, Frailey generally felt his greater responsibility was to build community and he was compelled to foster an environment that connected students with faculty and others in the photography world, of all niches, together, which ultimately led him to start DEAR DAVE,.

“You tend to see photographers off in their own pockets.. you have the fashion photographers over here, the fine art photographers over there… I wanted to bring them all together.”

DEAR DAVE, now in it’s 27th issue, has long since established a reputation of featuring photography in a curatorial manner. Both up-and-coming and established work are represented.

“The magazine is fluid and broad, as open-minded as possible,” said Frailey, “keeping it nimble, reflecting how contemporary life is mediated by the medium. I’m always looking for ways to frame photographic practices that are unconventional, fun, with a sense of humor, to not take itself too seriously, and above all: to be a surprise– to be unpredictable.”

We are so proud to have printed every edition of this iconic magazine. The publication has become known across the world as a premium venue for presenting important work. We wish this re-launch much success and look forward to being a part of the continuing legacy.

Bob Tursack

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