Bespoke Client Presentation Kit

May 15, 2020

Collaboration is key in any production. But, as the complexity of the project goes up – so goes the need for working carefully together to create great things.

Shown in this video is an excellent example of many initial concerns evolving into painless execution. Knowing up-front the need to match a branding color in the fabric called for a world-wide search for just the right color of cloth to wrap the case. Being aware of the desire for a dense white foil led to a double-hit of the foil for increased opacity. Wanting the feel of an uncoated paper with the benefits of a coated sheet pushed us to build 6-color separations and press proofing on just the right paper for luminous printing. And, rigorous work in the engineering of the case, sewn book and floorplans yielded a perfect fit of all components. From the color and length of the pull-ribbons to all facets of finishing, the St Regis organization received a finished product that precisely supports their brand and shows their clients they are an organization who cares deeply about perfection.

At Brilliant, we work hard to foster a commitment to form, function, and smart production in the creation of projects that help our customers advance their businesses. Let us know how we might help you – today.

Bob Tursack

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