Brilliant Bindery New Equipment

February 8, 2018

Brilliant recently added another brand new piece of equipment to our headquarters in Exton, PA. We are excited to introduce our just-installed, automated collator. This collator automatically gathers folded signatures for our PUR and smyth sewing binding lines. The innovation on this machine – and the thing that will encourage and assure our customers – is that it has the very latest in image recognition systems. There are cameras throughout the machine that view each signature being collated. If a signature were to get out of order, the machine immediately shuts itself down, and waits until the problem is fixed. This guarantees no book will ever have a duplicate or out-of-order signature in the page count!

At Brilliant, we strive to create the most spectacular work for our clients in the most efficient and effective way. The collator adds palpable value to our printing processes.

Bob Tursack

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