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A Provocation Project for Philadelphia Photo Arts Center

February 28, 2019

A Faithful Reproduction for Photographer Elliott Kaufman

Photographer Elliott Kaufman was asked by a luxury brand client to reissue his 1979 book,...

January 31, 2019

White & Case’s Past, Present and Future

White & Case, an international law firm and longtime client, came to Brilliant to bring...

January 24, 2019

Endangered: From Glaciers to Reefs

For years artist Diane Burko has shed light on the detrimental effects of climate change...

Endangered: From Glaciers to Reefs

January 17, 2019

Mark de Paola’s Recent Work

Mark de Paola, the incredibly talented New York City based director/photographer, had his debut photo...

October 11, 2018

Saman Genshin’s First Photo Book

NYC-based photographer, Saman Genshin, trusted Brilliant to print his very first fine art photography book....

October 4, 2018

Justine Kurland’s “Girl Pictures”

Girl Pictures features photographs made while American photographer Justine Kurland drove her way across the...

June 28, 2018

A Docent’s Guide to the Union League of Philadelphia

Warkulwiz Design was engaged by Pina Templeton to produce A Docent’s Guide to the Union...

A Docent's Guide

June 21, 2018

Wendy Paton’s FLIGHT

Photograms | Literary: FLIGHT encompasses photographer Wendy Paton’s most recent body of work. What began...

June 12, 2018

Marilyn Kaplan – Images Released

Marilyn Kaplan’s career as an artist was most unique. Much of her work was dedicated...

May 29, 2018

It’s All in the Details – Lay Flat Binding

Brilliant has recently added another new piece of equipment to our facility in Exton, PA...

brilliant : details Layflat

May 8, 2018

Alex Cayley’s Photography Portfolio

Our first project with photographer Alex Cayley presented stunning results. The 40-page color portfolio was...

Alex Cayley Photography Portfolio

April 12, 2018