Endangered: From Glaciers to Reefs

January 17, 2019

For years artist Diane Burko has shed light on the detrimental effects of climate change in an extraordinarily unique way – through art. While her original large-scale paintings focused on the dramatic disappearance of glaciers, her attention over the past year and half has shifted to the destruction of coral reefs in our oceans.

“Endangered: From Glaciers to Reefs” brings these two bodies of work together in a very powerful publication designed by longtime Brilliant client and friend, Phil Unetic. The double gatefold cover and vibrant colors throughout only add to the bold statement this book embodies.


  • Edition of 1,000.
  • Finished size 9.5" x 9".
  • 46 pages plus double gate folded cover.
  • PUR bound.
  • Features soft touch film lamination on cover.
  • Cover printed on 120# Opus Dull Cover.
  • Text pages printed on 100# Opus Dull Text.
Bob Tursack

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