Wyeth Print Gallery: Announcing Christina’s World

July 13, 2017

Andrew Wyeth's Christina's World

Christina’s World, Andrew Wyeth, 22″ x 28″, $40

Brilliant is thrilled to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Andrew Wyeth’s birth with the release of Christina’s World, an exclusive fine art archival pigment print. World famous and much-loved, the original painting is in the permanent collection at MOMA. This reproduction translates the awe-inspiring detail and ethereal color of the original to print. Our exclusive Christina’s World is a true celebration of Wyeth’s remarkable legacy.

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Andrew Wyeth's Wind From The Sea

Wind from the Sea, Andrew Wyeth, $35

Andrew Wyeth's Night Sleeper

Night Sleeper, Andrew Wyeth, $35

Andrew Wyeth's Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom, Andrew Wyeth, $35

Andrew Wyeth's Sailor's Valentine

Sailor’s Valentine, Andrew Wyeth, $35

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All Images © 2017 Andrew Wyeth, Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY

Bob Tursack

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