Your Guide to Temple University

June 30, 2020

Temple has an impassioned message to prospective students and families and needed a book to convey that message in an impressionable and memorable fashion.

This was accomplished with 64 pages of photos and text, and a pocket on the back cover. The text includes 12 leaves of unique page sizes; horizontally short, vertically short and/or die cut. Each of the divider pages holds key copy supporting the recruiting message.

How did this complicated work meet the highest expectations for quality, budget and an on-time delivery?

  • Early collaboration between designer, buyer and Brilliant.
  • Precision paper mockups were created as proof-of-concept with several challenges adjusted for early on.
  • A digitally printed one-off book to confirm all engineering would produce the final printed work.
  • Brilliant company-wide discussion on how to ensure production success.
  • Ongoing communication with the customer at each phase of construction from the die for the custom envelope to the stitching of the production run.
Bob Tursack

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